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Kura Sushi Review

Kura Sushi is a fast casual chain to enjoy decent quality sushi. Kura's main feature is the revolving sushi bar and robot that serves drinks that you order on the tablet above the revolving sushi. It is located on the second floor of Stonestown Galleria at 3251 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132. To find it, go to the main entrance by Blaze pizza, walk in, take the escalator that is left to the coffee stand, take a right, walk past the hot pot place, and you will usually find people waiting outside. It tends to get busy around lunchtime so I recommend checking in on the waitlist in the app. If you do not want to download the app, arrive 10 minutes before 12pm and put your name on the tablet on the stand outside. You will be notified when you can be seated when they text you. There is bar seating if your are alone or a table if you are with friends.

My friend and I will start our meal picking what looks the most appetizing from what is revolving on the sushi belt. The revolving sushi changes according to what is available, and some nigiri can be available for only a limited time. Sushi quality is good considering its location is in a mall, and it becomes filling after three dishes. Each dish is under four dollars so it can be an affordable option if you stop at three dishes, but my friend and I never do. As you can see in the photo below, if you count the plates, we ate 11 rolls. What we enjoy the most is the Spicy Crunchy Taco that can be ordered from the tablet above under rolls. We order one each as the deconstructed hand roll is hard to eat neatly. The roll features tempura shrimp, rice, seaweed, jalapeno, and spicy mayo. A must try!

Kura's Spicy Crunchy Taco

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