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Past Seasons

Season 3 (Fall 2023)

"CRAVE" is made up of diverse talents who’ve come together to share their passion! From Italian American culture, lifestyles, self reflection, San Francisco 49ers and much more. What do you crave? Let's explore and discover together. 

Season 3 Music Playlist

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Season 2 (Spring 2023)

Season two of "Crave" is made up of three friends, three personalities, and three different interests who come together to share their passions. Expect a mixture of soul-searching angst, deep culture dives, Italian-American passion, the ups and downs of relationships, and even 49ers football! Add in a sprinkle of existential crisis, and you've got Crave!

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Season 2 Music Playlists

Crave S2 Show Promo
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Crave S2 Reel
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Crave U Radio
Season 1 (Fall 2022)

CraveURadio was created by three college students attending SF State’s Radio and Podcasting Class. Each of us have a different background, but we were united by our love of food. Crave U Radio is a food radio show that shares restaurants in the Bay Area as well as share recipes to our favorite meals!

Each week we have different topics. If you’re interested in restaurant reviews, quick and easy recipes, insight on different cultures, and getting to know all three co-hosts a bit more, follow along on our podcasting and radio journey.  We hand-pick the tunes, and have a Spotify playlist that you can listen to while you cook. 

Season 1 Music Playlist

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Crave U Show Promo
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