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Risotto ai Funghi (Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto)

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About the Recipe

Tune in 12/6/22 at 6:00PM - (Special Guest Chef Vania)

Samantha: "Risotto is a part of my childhood and brings me joy to share with people. My favorite one is Risotto Milanese and Risotto ai Funghi."


garlic cloves, mushrooms, olive oil, salt, pepper, rice, parsley, water, butter and cheese


  1. Sauté a couple of garlic cloves and 2 cups of clean, sliced mushrooms in 3tbsp of olive oil in the Instant Pot. Let them get soft (3-4minutes) and add salt and pepper.

2. Add 1.5 cup Arborio rice (and Somme Italian parsley) and cook for 1-2 minutes, until it gets translucent.

3. At this point, (you can add 1/3 cup of wine to deglaze or) add 3.5 cups of broth or water and some more salt for seasoning. Stir, seal lid, turn off from sauté and set manual for 8 minutes.

4. After 8’ open the valve, and when it’s safe open the lid. Mix in 1tbsp of butter and/or some parmesan cheese. Serve on plates with some more parsley and eat immediately.

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